Deadly Habits

by Six Miles Wide



Six Miles Wide's EP "Deadly Habits" (2012)
6 songs recorded at R81 Rock Studios, produced and mastered in Sweden:

-City Of Sin
-Burning Bridges
-Wake Up Dead
-Bless This Mess
-9 Ball


released October 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Six Miles Wide Pamplona, Spain

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Track Name: City Of Sin
There is a place
where no one is safe
and Evil walks out alive
Welcome to the city
where the faces are so prettys
and money moves
your deepest desires
Sex is just a drug
you can buy in any store
and it´s legal
to sell your life
They move around
in luxury cars
and darkness rules
all day long
Tattooed girls showes
you the world
Everyting is fake
all the money all the fame
You can have all you need
just say the word n you´ll get it
everyone has a place here
any name can be on the guesstlist
Welcome to the City of sin
Everything is on sale
but nothing is for free
Welcome to the city of sin
You can get what you want
but you better dont touch
In this
City of Sin
Where devil walks down the line
Where addict is a job for life
Where souls burn every night
Dity sweet sin
This is the town
of carnivals and dreams
this is the place
for heroes and heroins
Redlights at the
end of the street
Enemy is here
and he refuse to leave.
I´ve tried everything
looking for a cure
but this poison goes
right into the heart
Tattooed girls showes
you the world
Everyting is fake
all the money all the fame
Selfdestruction comin´up against the wall
You know you got it coming
So dont close the deal
cos I´m not sure about the idea
of staying here forever
Sucking blood again from other devils
Track Name: Burning Bridges
I´ve been lookin´all around the world
I´ve seen things you won´t believe
From the east and across the sea
And nothing else feels so good

It is now or never
We are just on time
To put the night on fire
Take all the pieces and throuh´em away

Lets say it was all part of the confusion
that we really want it that way
you took the highway with no solution
and drove away

Sorry Darling
I couldn´t see how this was going
It´s not my problem
but now I am
So sorry
I promise these words aint pointless
Please stop me
Burning bridges tonight

I now i could have done it so muche better
I could have fight a little bit more
I could have been the one that helps you out
I´m burning my soul

I swear to God, all the things I´ve done
are going to grow old
They help me to go through
the shit I´ve been before